Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Uncle Chilli's @ PJ Hilton

on our 44th monthlyversary (Monday, 28 Jan).. deardear brought me for a nice dinner at Uncle Chilli's in Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya..

the place is so beautiful! very nice setting with cosy lightings.. great ambience with a tinge of flirtatiousness.. i totally love this place! we would definitely go again coz this is totally a great place for chill-out sessions!

me my camera sucks at taking night shots leh.. the photos totally don't do justice to the place! the actual "look & feel" is far more enticing!!! u really gotta go to Uncle Chilli's @ PJ Hilton and check it out for yourself!

is not an illusion.. the glass is actually slanted! damn cool~

deardear had passionfruit, i had strawberry smoothies.. very yummylicious!

deardear ordered the lamb chop..

i ordered the lamb shank <-- chef's recommendation

the cigar room~

hahaha.. poser! like ah pek businessman busy on the phone!
deardear IS talking on the phone with someone when i snapped this photo! -_-

deardear.. happy 3 years & 8 months anniversary! love u heaps!


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